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In cucumber, Przyborowski and Niemirowicz-Szczytt (1994) also reported found that the number of embryos developing into haploid plants was is higher in the summer than in the spring- . In summer the total number of embryos per fruit was higher than in the spring and in summer, amounted at to 2.51, in comparison with compared to 0.69 in spring, while the total number of embryos obtained from 100 seeds was 1.66 in the summer season and onlyas compared to 0.31 in spring. ?a?lar and Abak (1999b, c) reported found that a higher number of haploid cucumber plants was were derived from the embryos that were cultured from May to September than from the ones those cultured in other periods of a year at other periods throughout the year; . What’s more, the highest number of cucumber haploid plants resulted were possible in June and July. Similarly, parthenogenic embryos of cucumber was induced during the months of May through July, with no differences wtihin thsi period are consistent compared to other times of year(Claveria et al. 2005). In squash, the largest number of embryos per fruit was can be obtained in September (17.3) and June (27.7) respectively (Kurtar et al. 2002). In the case of), and for watermelon, pumpkin, and winter squash, a positive influence of the spring season has positive influence on haploid embryo the yield of haploid embryos was as observed by Gürs?z et al. (1991), Kurtar et al. (2009), and Kurtar and Balkaya (2010), respectively.
Furthermore, plant vigourPlant vigor also seems to play an important role in the induction of haploid embryos. Sauton (1988) and Cuny et al. (1993) found that the vigour and physiological state of parental plants was are important for the successful formation of melon haploids, and Ko?mrlj et al. (2014) found that germinability of cucumber pollen irradiated at room humidity was is generally lower than that of pollen irradiated at high humidity.

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摘要  目的    調查分析健康教育處方在MRI平掃檢查中的應用價值。方法 將福建省某三級甲等醫院首次行MRI檢查的240例檢查者隨機分為實驗組和對照組,實驗組于病史評估后給予個性化 健康教育處方,對照組給予標準檢查前宣教然后采用貝克焦慮量表(BAI)評定兩組焦慮情緒并進行分析比較。
Abstract  Objective    This study investigates the effect of psychological nursing intervention on the patient anxiety regarding MRI scan procedures. Methods: 240 patients preparing to undergo MRI examination were randomly divided into experimental and control groups, which were administered either under individualized psychological nursing intervention or general nursing intervention. Patient responses were assessed using the Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI).

以十八烷基胺修飾的氧化石墨烯和熱塑性聚氨酯為主要材料,采用溶液澆注與熱壓工藝制備了熱塑性聚氨酯/功能化石墨烯(TPU/GO-ODA)復合材料。考察了GO-ODA的熱穩定性能、 導電性能,分析了GO-ODA對TPU/GO-ODA復合材料的導電性能、熱穩定性能、結晶與熔融行為和拉伸-電阻敏感性的影響。
Thermoplastic polyurethane/octadecylamine-functionalized graphene (TPU/GO-ODA) composites were prepared with octadecylamine (ODA)-functionalized graphene oxide (GO-ODA) and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) via solution casting and compression molding. The thermal stability and electrical conductivity of GO-ODA were examined and the effects of GO-ODA on electrical conductivity, thermal stability, crystallization, melting behavior, and resistivity-strain sensitivity of the composites were investigated.

控制加載爆炸填石擠淤筑壩方法為本世紀初在中國首創,主要用于淺海灘涂深厚淤泥地層上防波堤的修建,所筑堤壩的特點是大埋深和斷面形狀復雜。盡管采用該法修 筑的爆炸擠淤堆石壩已超過100公里,但是目前還缺乏有效方法來分析這類堆石壩的滑動穩定性和工后沉降。
The controlled-loading-blasting toe-shooting method (CLBTS-Method) is originally developed in China at the beginning of this century, and mainly used to build nearshore groynes located in deep silt layer. As its feature, this kind of groyne has a big buried depth and a complex cross-section. Although more than 100 km groynes have been built by the CLBTS-Method, the proper methods for analyzing the slope stability and predicting post-construction settlement of such kind of groyne are not found at present.

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In recent years, there has been increasing interest in the analysis of radiative transfer in multidimensional absorbing, emitting, and scattering media with collimated irradiation. By collimated irradiation we mean external radiation that penetrates from the outside into a participating medium (as opposed to emission from a bounding surface), with all light waves being parallel to one another (or approximately so).
當準直輻照施加于多維介質時,射線會受到吸收、發射和散射。近年來,對于此類輻射傳輸方式的分析受到越來越多的關注。準直輻照意味著從外部進入介質(而從邊界面向外發射的方式與此相反) 的所有輻射波平行(至少近似如此)。

Unfortunately, consideration of spectral variations of radiation properties tends to considerably increase the diculty of an already extremely dicult problem, or at least make their numerical solution many times more computer-time intensive. All solution methods discussed thus far, whether exact or approximate, are poorly suited for the consideration of nongray properties.
然而,考慮波譜輻射特性的變化往往相當于把一個已經極其難的問題又增加了難度,至少是把數值解的計算機演算時間增加了數倍。迄今為止所有討論過的解決方案,無論是精確的還是近似的, 都無法顧及到非灰介質的輻射特性。

In our analyses of radiative transfer in participating media we have, up to this point, always assumed that there was no interaction with other modes of heat transfer, i.e., we have limited ourselves to cases of radiative equilibrium and cases of specified temperature fields.


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